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Olaide Alim

Simon Uzoma


What a great day!

 Last Saturday 22nd of March was such an exciting day for people who attended our live financial empowerment seminar.

We had a great empowerment seminar that left our attendees with a big surprise on how much they can really earn from Fiverr and Cmsdone4you platform

Check out the Picture below:







If you are unable to attend our Fiverr and Cmsdone4you Financial empowerment seminar due to some circumstances beyond your control.

Not too worry, we have all the seminar material here for you and you will be able to start earning from Fiverr and Cmsdone4you right away.







Here’s what you be getting from Seminar video.


Fiverr and Cmsdone4you demystified: What the sites are and EXACTLY how the business model works (An acute ignorance of this very simple and straight forward concept is the BIGGEST REASON why most people fail to make money on the plat form)

How to open and register for a Fiverr and Cmsdone4you account – the RIGHT way. (There a right and wrong way to do this and most people do it the WRONG way)

The two things you must do first IMMEDIATELY you open your account if you ever hope to make one single kobo. (Ignore this and you will remain penniless, even if yur account has been existing  for 10 years.)

A simple trick  which we employ to drive massive views to our gigs and convert them to sales. If you want the same results we got result above, you must know what this trick is and most importantly, how to use it.

How to quickly create hot in demand gigs that attract a lot of cash-in-hand buyers begging to pay you to work for them. For the first time, you’ll experience what it feels like to have people begging you to take their money.

The two websites we visit each time we want to make a quick $1,000 from the network. If you have any emergency and you need to raise cash fast, then knowledge of these two websites is critical!

A SECRET ingredient we discovered after many nights without sleep, bending over my laptop conducting research that doubles, even triples the amount of money you can earn with Fiverr. (This secret reveals which services will be hot in demand so you can start offering them before everyone else! Want to know the secret? Here’s a hint ==> Trends. I will say no more!)

Why you are pissing away at least half of the money you should making online if you’re working with only Fiverr, and what you MUST do to stop this loss now. (You can easily double your income simply by knowing this simple solution)

How to open and verify your own PayPal account as a Nigerian without wasting hours you should be investing making even more money. Finally, HUGE problem SOLVED!

How to combine Fiverr and Cmsdone4you business even if you don’t have your own personal computer!

How to withdraw your money and have it in your hands in cash in less than 30 minutes, anytime you want it, even if it’s at night!

How to increase your earnings from $1000 Monthly to $2500 Monthly without lifting a finger. That’s the OPEN SECRET I mentioned above! The major reason I am putting this event together

And lots more.


In simple English, what we are  saying is this:

If you really want to get on the Cmsdone4you and Fiverr money train and do it successfully this time, then you must get this seminar material.

Below are the bonuses

1. Our personal Fiverr library worth more N70,000 for FREE. These are the ebooks that we personally used to develop ourselves during our time of learning Fiverr.

2. How to make N50,000 to N100,000 monthly predicting the outcome of football matches. This betting guide will make you earn money even when you are sleeping. These football betting tips were gotten from a 16 year old American friend and we are ready to hand it over to you.

3. How to start mini importation business with less than N20,000 and turn it to N350,000 monthly income value N5500.

4. The simple secret to earning between N30,000 – N50,000 monthly from Facebook.

5. How to start making money from our best collection of money-making products. 

Here’s How To Make Payment


Step One: Go to any branch of GTBank or First Bank  and make a deposit of N4,000 into any of these two account :

GTBank: 0014739128 or First Bank: 3051740758, Account Name: Simon Uzoma.


Step Two:  After payment, grab your phone,text your email and payment details to 08027484199.

Once we confirm your payment we will send you the material through your email.



There’s nothing more to say. If we haven’t convinced you by now that this Fiverr and Cmsdon4you seminar material is what you need to be successful with and make at least $1,000 or N160,000 on, then nothing else we say after now can convince you.

we can only wish you Good luck. You will surely hear of the exploits of those who bought the material. Then you will regret, and wish you had done the same too.


Simon Uzoma(08027484199) and Olaide Alim(08092208629