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Olaide Alim

Simon Uzoma


We Challenged You To Take Away Our Wallet, Put Us In Any City Of Nigeria You Like. Just Give Us A Brand New Fiverr Or Cmsdone4you  Account , Plus An Internet Connection And We Will Make Not Less Than N160,000 or $1000 In 30 Days Time Guaranteed!”

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Dear Success Digest Readers,


If you have been struggling to make money online and you have even a small suspicion that maybe, just maybe this Fiverr and CMSDONE4you  thing will be the breakthrough you have been looking for, then this will be the most important message you will read this year.

Why do we say so?

Because. . .
We have some very rare and specific information, about Fiverr and CMSdone4you, that if we hand it over to you and you use it, you will put at least
$1000 or N160,000 into your bank account every single month GUARANTEED! 


In 2010 when Fiverr newly came out I (Simon Uzoma) wrote an article on how to make mony on Fiverr a lot of people think it was just like any other program that comes and go

Guess what?

Some smart Nigerian Like Olaide Alim took the information I  gave out and used it to make millions from Fiverr.


Here what Olaide Alim had to say about Fiverr.


The best part is…

This information is actually

Not A Secret!

It’s actually in the open for everyone to see, and use. The only problem is you need to know how to decode it.

That’s where many of the guys who do online business fail. They fail to decode it.

I used to be like them too. Working way too hard to make money on online. I would go online and see all these white boys earning amazing sums in so little time, doing hardly any work.

“What were they doing?” I would ask myself.

There had to be something these boys are doing, that we in Nigeria are not aware of. And I was determined to find it out.

I searched for months and looked everywhere I couldn’t get it until I read an article on Success Digest on how to make money on Fiverr. . .

And I was able to decode the Fiverr secrets  !

I will tell you what the secret code is.

 For now I want to tell you about something very important.

Do you know that 99% of Nigerians who try to make money on Fiverr fail?

And no, I’m not telling you that to scare you away. No, not at all. I’m telling you to make you prepared. The fact is with a little ‘tweak’ in how you approach it, you can actually avoid this failure rate totally and quickly join the 1% group of people who are successful with Fiverr.

 To explain what I mean clearly, I want you to think about these two scenarios for a second.

Scenario A: You open a Fiverr account, throw up a gig and then wait to get an order. One day passes. Two days pass. Three days, Four Days. Five days. One week. Nothing.

No order. Not even one view. You start getting desperate. You start panicking. You have boasted to your friends and family about how much this new internet business you’re embarking on will fetch you, but now it seems like it will not happen.

Worse, you know they will laugh at you and say, “I told you so.”

“But the guy who sold me that eBook said I would get immediate orders. The guy at the seminar told me it would happen like magic.”

You call their phone number and it’s switched off. You send them an email. They refuse to reply. You chat them up on Facebook, they see your conversation, and ignore it. You’ve been left on your own.

To crash and burn. On your own. No help. No assistance. You lose faith.

Finally, 4 weeks just as you’re about to give up, you get one order and make just $4. =N=640.

Yes that’s less than one thousand naira. But it’s hardly any consolation. “They lied to me again.” you say. “Nigerian internet marketers are all scammers.”

The end.

You see the scenario I just described?

That is what happens to at least 99% of the people who want to make money with Fiverr.

They barely make enough to buy them very good toilet paper. Or a good pair of jeans. Hell they don’t even make enough money to even cover the cost of the “magic” Fiverr e-book they bought.

Now before you say this kind of thing never happens,

Hold on. Don’t be quick to say so.

I know for a fact that this is the case. With all due respect, I am the expert here and you should listen to what I say. I get hundreds of emails and phone messages per week from people who have one complain or the other.

If I was ever to turn their complaints into a book, I will have to print over 10 different 150-page editions to finish talking about them.

There’s A Whole Lot of Blood on These Internet Streets I Tell You

You can only know if you are a HUGE player like me.

Alright. Let’s move forward.


Now let’s look at another scenario. What I like to call


Scenario B.


Here’s what it looks like.

You open a Fiverr account. Then you go off and do anything you like. Two hours later, you check back and you see there are 10 orders waiting for you. That’s earns you a combined $40-50. You spend 30 minutes fulfilling them.

Then you go off again doing whatever it is you were doing before same – chatting with your friends, talking to your kids, browsing Facebook, whatever it was.

And this does not just happen once. It happens EVERYDAY. You enjoy yourself, make money, fulfill it, then go back to enjoying yourself.

If you need to make more money, you use what I call the “OPEN SECRET” or you give me a call or send me an email. I answer it and we work it out for you. Bam! More money flows in.

You’re happy. Life is good.

That would be really nice, wouldn’t it?

Now Tell Me…

If you had to choose, which of the scenarios would you want to be in?

Scenario A where your Blood pressure rises because of uncertainty and the fact that your business is NOT WORKING. . .


Scenario B where life is good and you are happy because you know that EVERYDAY you have money coming in, and you do to make that money come in that day was a lousy 30 minutes work.

Tell me which one would you choose?

As you can see that Olaide has mastered Fiverr like back of his hand and he has promised to show you how to decode the code!

Now another opportunity has come for you to also start earning money from a powerful and unique platform called CMSDON4you.

Just like when Fiverr newly came out a lot of people think it was a scam and they refuse to tape into the millions dollars industry called Fiverr but today they are regretting for not taking action.

We present to you another money making system called Cmsdone4you

See the testimony of a Nigerian earning money from CMSDONE4you






Think about this, if you combine both CMSDONE4you and Fiverr together do you know how much you would be earning monthly, that is what you will be leaning from us   

If you would like to start earning money from Fiverr  or CMSDONE4you just like we do, here is the opportunity to attend our one day seminar.


Here’s what you be learning exactly.


Fiverr and Cmsdone4you demystified: What the sites are and EXACTLY how the business model works (An acute ignorance of this very simple and straight forward concept is the BIGGEST REASON why most people fail to make money on the plat form)

How to open and register for a Fiverr and Cmsdone4you account – the RIGHT way. (There a right and wrong way to do this and most people do it the WRONG way)

The two things you must do first IMMEDIATELY you open your account if you ever hope to make one single kobo. (Ignore this and you will remain penniless, even if yur account has been existing  for 10 years.)

A simple trick  which we employ to drive massive views to our gigs and convert them to sales. If you want the same results we got result above, you must know what this trick is and most importantly, how to use it.

How to quickly create hot in demand gigs that attract a lot of cash-in-hand buyers begging to pay you to work for them. For the first time, you’ll experience what it feels like to have people begging you to take their money.

The two websites we visit each time we want to make a quick $1,000 from the network. If you have any emergency and you need to raise cash fast, then knowledge of these two websites is critical!

A SECRET ingredient we discovered after many nights without sleep, bending over my laptop conducting research that doubles, even triples the amount of money you can earn with Fiverr. (This secret reveals which services will be hot in demand so you can start offering them before everyone else! Want to know the secret? Here’s a hint ==> Trends. I will say no more!)

Why you are pissing away at least half of the money you should making online if you’re working with only Fiverr, and what you MUST do to stop this loss now. (You can easily double your income simply by knowing this simple solution)

How to open and verify your own PayPal account as a Nigerian without wasting hours you should be investing making even more money. Finally, HUGE problem SOLVED!

How to combine Fiverr and Cmsdone4you business even if you don’t have your own personal computer!

How to withdraw your money and have it in your hands in cash in less than 30 minutes, anytime you want it, even if it’s at night!

How to increase your earnings from $1000 Monthly to $2500 Monthly without lifting a finger. That’s the OPEN SECRET I mentioned above! The major reason I am putting this event together

And lots more.


Now Know This!

Many people put together seminars on Fiverr. Good luck to them.

We don’t do seminars. No Sir. What we do is intense training bootcamps where we force-feed knowledge into your brain.

Sure it takes the same form as the regular seminars in that you will have to come sit down and listen and take notes, but actually that’s the only place the similarities end.

Where the difference is, is in the way you learn at our bootcamp.

Where the others put you in a room and ramble on and on for hours on end about how good they are, we make you as comfortable as possible and then show you LIVE PROOF! We talk less and show more.

Where others just tell you what to do, we show you how we do our own Fiverr business, and tell you the reason why we do it like that! (Go and check. Who else does that?)

Where the other Fiverr people leave you on your own (after their ridiculous seminars) to navigate the terrain alone without assistance, we will help you every step of the way with tools, advice ad mentorship until you hit your first $1,000!

In simple English, what we are  saying is this:

If you really want to get on the Cmsdone4you and Fiverr money train and do it successfully this time, then you must register for this great seminar.


For you, it’s a rare opportunity, one you should not miss for any reason whatsoever.

And since we both know it will cost you money to be there, how much money do you think we should ask you to invest in this training?

If you say =N=100,000, you’d be correct, after all 30 days after the training you’ll have made at least $1,000 which is =N=160,000 ($1 is equal to =N=160). Leaving you with a profit of =N=60,000 naira assuming you pay me =N=1000,000.

But no, we won’t be asking you for that much. First off, I think it’s way too much to charge that for this seminar even though it’d still be worth it if we do, but we would not  not charge that because we know many people at this stage of their internet business cannot afford that.

So we won’t charge you =N=100,000.

=N=75,000? That will still be high for most people.

How about =N=50,000? Still high right?

Okay I think doing it for =N=30,000 is a great price. we mean you’d make a profit of =N=130,000 naira in 30 days time and that’s for the first month only. The following months you make even higher amounts, so we believe =N=30,000 is a fair amount to ask you to pay to be at the boot camp.

But Guess what?

we won’t even charge you =N=30,000!

Even if that’s what would be the fair amount to ask for, we won’t do that. Rather here’s what we  asking from you. Just pay the small sum of


Yes, now you have no excuse. It is very affordable for even you.

And that’s not all!

You see when seminars are put up like this, at this point many people begin to promise you the earth and the moon as bonuses if you pay. And then they never deliver any of them.

So we won’t insult your intelligence. we won’t even assume you’re not knowledgeable enough to know that these bonuses are mostly a lot of unusable junk.

We will do something very different from you.

We wil offer you one, just one radical bonus, one that we are sure  can deliver and which we know you will appreciate more that bundling together 10 different e-books on the same topic and sending them to you.

we will give you. . .

A 365 Day Personal One-On-One Mentorship!


This mentorship starts immediately the bootcamp ends. For the next one year. . .

You will have direct access to us via phone and email. You can call us up anytime you have any issue. You can send us an email and we will reply you in 48 hours at the most.

You will get special mentorship discounts to any other paid events we organise in the future and even get a special invitation to attend some free of charge.

You will have FIRST ACCESS to any new information about this business which we uncover. This means that any new thing we learn that can increasing your earnings potential with Fiverr, we will tell you about it FIRST, before any other person.

You like this bonus, don’t you? It’s far better than throwing a few e-books together and calling it a bonus, right?

If so, then you should know that ONLY those who complete payment for the Cmsdone4you and Fiverr Bootcamp by Date, will have this direct access to us. If you miss out on that date, you will not be part of it.

That’s how it works.

So you need to get going right now.

Here’s How To Register For The Seminar


Step One: Go to any branch of GTBank or Zenith and make a deposit of N5,000 into any of these two account :

GTBank: 0015456899 or Zenith Bank: 1011730186, Account Name: SADC Consutancy Services.


Step Two:  After payment, grab your phone, type the following details in this same format and send to 07054638883: ILB*Your full name* Your email*Location*Amount Paid*Teller number*Bank Name* Fiverr Seminar,  eg, ILB*John Smith**Asaba*N5,000*6547383*GTB* Fiverr Seminar


Step Three: Turn up early on the day of the seminar and present yourself at our registration desk for final verification at SADC, 36 Esuola Street, Off Ago Palace Way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos. Note: Come to the seminar venue with your payment slip.

Date: Saturday 12 of October 2013

Time: 9am


There’s nothing more to say. If we haven’t convinced you by now that thisFiverr and Cmsdon4you Bootcamp is what you need to be successful with and make at least $1,000 or N160,000 on, then nothing else we say after now can convince you.

we can only wish you Good luck. You will surely hear of the exploits of those who attend. Then you will regret, and wish you had done the same too.


Olaide Alim(08092208629) and Simon Uzoma(08027484199)