Monig Celebrate Her 4th Year Anniversary With 2 FREE Powerful Never-Failed Proof Internet Business Seminar.

Don’t Miss This FREE Powerful 2 in1 Seminar For Anything In The World.


John Ojeagbase

Simon Uzoma


Dear Friends,

Where will you be on this Wednessday 16 of May?

Well, before you answer that question lets tell you what will happen on that day, Mother of Nations Intercessory Group (MONIG) will be celebrating her 4th year anniversary  from 16-20 of May and they have decided to give you the best of the best internet money making seminar FOC (free of charge).


Guess what?  you will be getting the best internet guru in Nigeria (John Ojeagbase and Simon Uzoma) to give you all they know about 2 powerful never-fail proof of making money online.

Here are the 2 topic the seminar will cover.

Simple and Effective Strategies To Make Continues Income From Flipping Websites, plus How To Collect Your Money From Paypal here in Nigeria

Mobile Apps Development. (The current trend) This Is Where The World Is Going Now.

Miss This And You Will Blame Yourself In The Next 5 Years To Come.


When it comes to doing business online some people still believe that it is impossible to succeed online due to the technicality involve.

While some are still struggling to make a dime online.

The fact is, a lot of people fail online not because they don't have the best of products, but certainly because they do not know the nitty gritty of applying a simple strategy.

Let’s ask you this question

Have you been struggling to figure out how this online business work and yet it seems like a Greek to you?

Have you attended many seminars and yet you don’t really understand all these jargon they are talking about the internet?

Recently, some of the banks decided to sack some of their workers and we know that most of them (the workers) will be out there again seeking for Job that do not exist.

If they know half of what we know concerning online business we are not sure they will be out there looking for Job.


Simon Uzoma Will Take You From 10am to 1pm


Here are the things you will be learning from Simon Uzoma.


How to do the right keyword research, the different between buying keyword and non buying keywords.

How to beat your competitor hands down and move to Google first page within a short while.

How to sell a day old website on Flippa

Free ways to analyze your competitors and outranked them easily.

How to make good market research and discover hot niche

What is selling right now on Flippa

Type of web sites you can flip for fast profits while building a sustainable business

How to structure your listing for maximum results.

How to receive your money right here in Nigeria.

Why PayPal is very important tool you need to have in other to make money and receive money online.

How to get domain and hosting with 20% discount

How to avoid domain trade mark slap (This is very important if you fail do adhere to this you will lose your site and pay a heavy fine)


John Ojeagbase Will Take You From 2pm to 4pm,

Below are the things John Ojeagbase will be taking you on.

You Will Discover How To Make Money From Mobile Apps

How To Come Up With An Interesting Apps For Approval

Steps To Develop Your Mobile Apps Yourself or Outsource

How To Market Your App To People

Strategies To Expand and Gain Visible Profitability

Steps To Dig Deep, Search For More Ways To Make Your Mobile App A Success

And many, many more




As you can see we are set to give you the best of the best internet marketing strategies.
Never allow anything to distract you from coming to this FREE seminar.

 To attend this kind of seminar you have to pay nothing less than N25,000 but you are getting it FREE courtesy of MONIG

We just hope you're smart enough to get your seat booked before other smarter guys do. We believe you will.... 

To Your Success
John Ojeagbase & Simon Uzoma (OPS)





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