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From The Desk Of : Simon Uzoma

Dear Friend

If you've been reading success Digest Extra [SDE] you probably must have read my article on how to make money on fiverr.com

After the article was published on SDE I have been bombarded with lots of mails by people who want to make money on Fiverr

The  question they keep on asking were:


How do I create a good account on Fiverr
How do I open a paypal account?
Simon can you give me more details on how to go about this fiverr
What and what do I need to do to start making money on Fiverr.

All the question you have been asking has been  answer by me so you don’t need to pass through all the stress.

Do you know that Fiverr can be an absolute goldmine for you if you're looking to make some immediate cash?

Hear what people are saying about Fiverr

Simon Uzoma's guide I must say is a complete guide to really making money on fiverr.com. He has outlined it in a step by step for even a newbie to start earning today! a great buy...

Peter Emu


I bet you fiverr is one of the best way to make money online and this information has all it take to start raking cash from fiverr

Dennis Isong





If you can concentrate on this Fiverr I tell you, 2011 will be a great year for you.

Guess what? I've got an exciting offer for you all...

Here's How You Make Money In Three Simple Steps...

There's no need to sweat it to make money from Fiverr. Here's all you need to do...

Step 1 - Create a Fiverr profile, so you're ready to start trading.
Step 2 - Advertise a service that you can deliver on easily and quickly.
Step 3 - Watch the orders (and money) roll in.

It Sounds Simple, Doesn't It?
It sure does...

And there's a good reason for that. IT IS SIMPLE to make money from Fiverr.
But, there are some pitfalls you need to be aware of and watch out for.
People have to know about your Fiverr 'Gigs', otherwise those orders you require just won't come.
And you don't want to be spending a lot of time on order fulfillment. The best solution for making quick cash it to deliver a turn key solution.
If you want to know exactly how to do that, you need my secret guide.

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Exactly how to get started on Fiverr.com. You'll find out how to create your profile in a simple step-by-step fashion.
The precise five elements you must cover for every Gig you offer on Fiverr to be successful (miss just one of these and you're kissing goodbye to all those prospective buyers).
How to sell your Fiverr gigs with video (this powerful tactic is underutilised by most Fiverr sellers and will set you heads above them in the Fiverr marketplace) 
10 alternatives to Fiverr... use each and every one of these to fully maximize your sales potential ( 10 other secret website you can make more money just like fiverr.)
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The correct ways to drive targeted traffic to your Fiverr gigs... and all without spending a single penny on advertising...
Why charging just $5 is really a great way to get started marketing, and how you can use this to push up your charges without taking a single second more to deliver the same services to your customers.

And much more...



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Step By Step Guide On How To Open and Verify Paypal Account in Nigeria. Valued for N4,000

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Let me make a point clearer here, I'm not trying to sweet talk you, and I don't even want or need your money.

I'm only responding to the pleas of most of you who want to make money on fiverr.

Simon How Do I Get This?

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Simon Uzoma