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From The Desk Of : Simon Uzoma

Saturday, March 6, 2010 3:50 PM


Dear Friend,

I have been receiving different mail from most of you people who came for DTI8 on how to start this online business and I also remember when I attended DTI2 and I want to say it wasn't easy though I was determine to succeed.

Now the truth is this, you need some one to take you by hand, some one who have been there, who know the in and out of the business, though I don't want to do this but I have to consider some people who have been bothering me to mentor them.

The easiest way for someone to make a living online, is for you to actually help him build an online business while he just do a few things and make money online,

You don't need to struggle to make money online, what you need is just to know a little secret and before you know it you are there

If you have been struggling to make a living online, it is simply because you have been buying e-books, reports attending seminars. There is nothing wrong with that, but ever since I discovered that the easiest way for someone to make a living online, is for you to actually him help build an online business while he just do a few things and make money online, I have in the past 2 months helped over 90 people make money online!

Here is what I will do for you:

Set up a profesional blog for you
  Add at least 5 articles that relate to the niche you are targeting
  Add the software the will be adding article to your blog
  Register google Adsense and install it to your blog so that you will start making money from it instantly
  Register a domain name of your choice and host it for one full year for you
  You will have access to a special online forum where you can ask me any question that I will be glad to answer you
  You will have access to step by step guide on how to do a lot of things online
  You will have a step by step guide on how to discover a powerful niche that are ready to pay you,
  How to post on your face book account through your blog without you login to your face book account
  There is going to be a special forum where I will be giving you the step by step guide on what to do daily
  Knowledge on how to really make money from it.
  I will show you step by step guide on how to open clickbank


  • I have personally helped lot of people setting up their business online. when you talk of blogging and making money from it I'm still the best that Nigeria can boast of.
  • if you can follow the blueprint you will surely make money...period!

This is Not another e-book, video or report but rather I will help you build a powerful money making system for you that ever since when I discovered it, I have been making more online every single day!.

I will build a powerful blog for you with at least 5 articles written on it, while all you do is to put your affiliate link and just keep driving traffic to it and make lorry loads of profit in return.

See Proofs:
Below are some of my affiliate earnings


Check This Out:




I 'm not here to brag neither I'm here to impress you but to show you that this online business work if you understand the principles,

Over the past 2 months of just deciding to help as many people as I can, I have been able to set-up this powerful system for more than 90 of them and a handful of them are already earning profits from it.

Here are samples of some new sites that I have created for some of my clients and they are really making hell of money from it,







To menture but a few


**So Are You Ready To Start Pumping In Profits Like You Have Never Done Before Or Keep Complaining**

With all humility and sincerity as I type this now I have just 10 spaces left and I know it will be taken up as fast as possible. 

So my friend, you either decide to be among the 10 people who are going to get a complete website created for them and plus the powerful bonuses + you also get access to my yahoo mail where you can meet me online for personal and one on one mentorship.

So Simon How Much will all these cost me ?

You see, if I tell you to pay N30,000 , I'm justified and I guess you agree with me but, I won't do that.

I know many people won't be able to afford that. I remember when I used to borrow money to buy books and attend seminars so I understand.

Now tell me; how much do you think is reasonable enough?

Do you think it should be N20,000? No, I won't charge you that much.

Do you think it should be N15,000? I think that will be too much for you.

What about N12,500? That should be okay but, I think there are students and unemployed youth out there who can't afford it.

What about N10,000? after all, that is what some people are charging out there and yet, they don't give out all the information I am giving out.

N10,000 seems okay. but I will still come down for you.

You will have to pay only N7,500 to get your professional blog including having access to my private forum

So, there you go! with just N7,500 you will have access to all this information

Due to my tight schedule I may not be able to take more than 10 people after 10 people place their order I will shut it up

Also Remember about 700 Nigerian's are also reading this letter now, so it's better you act fast before others over take you!

Are you excited? Don't be yet as I'm about to shock you......

You are covered by Simon Uzoma, No bull, No questions asked, No quibble, No beef, No Risk,Iron Clad, 100% Money back guarantee.

I am dead sure that this offer won't stay up for another 3 days from now, so you better jump at it now and start earning your own first online income.


Pay the Sum of N7,500 into the bank details:

Account Name: Simon Uzoma
Account Number: 2316866141590
Bank: Gtbank Plc

PS.Remember there are just 10 spaces that is left. How fast will you jump at the offer? The options are left to you.

After payment, send an email to simonuzoma@gmail.com or text to 2348027484199 containing the following information:

1. Your full name,
2. E-mail,
3. Teller number and the amount you paid.

On payment confirmation, your site will be setup in the next 72 hours

See You @ The Top

Simon Uzoma



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