Attention! ...if you have ever wanted to further your studies abroad but can’t do so because you think it’s expensive.

“How Any Nigerian Who So Desires Can Get A First Degree/Masters’ Degree or a Ph.D Without Worrying About The Huge Costs or The Colour Of His Passport”

Secret online resource shows you how  you too can spend a year or more studying abroad doing your undergraduate/graduate work in a foreign country without spending a kobo out of your pocket, except for your visa fees and flight ticket”

All you need to know is where to apply and how. And if you do so fast enough, you will be among those who will beat the application deadline to get selected this year.


Onyenkachi Kingsley Anumata

Dear Friend,

Do you want to attend University abroad, say for your Undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D but have been paralyzed by the high cost?

Have you dreamt of getting a certificate that would put you heads above many people in your field, making you the first choice for employees when you apply for a job or for a consultant position?

Have you always wanted to travel to the U.S.A, Australia, Germany, China, Argentina, England, and the many beautiful countries around the world which offer far more profitable opportunities for your career and your life?

If your answer is “Yes!”, then you’re in luck. Because...

I Have Fantastic News For You

I recently chanced upon a secret online resource where I saw over 1000 opportunities for Nigerians to apply for and study for their First Degree/Masters’ or Ph.D programs without spending a single kobo.

Yes, these opportunities are FREE.

It is...

Free to look through this resource

Free to apply


Free to take advantage of once you’re selected.

There’s no one to give a bribe to or who will ask you to sleep with them to be considered. No one to beg to make calls to someone who knows someone on your behalf and no one to go to say “Thank You” to once you’re selected.

When I saw it I was excited!

I knew I had found the one thing many people were looking for, even among my friends and family.

How do I know many people want this?


My own life ambitions had also taken me abroad for both study and business and I spent a huge amount of money to make it happen!

Looking back now, I spent and risked too much!

If I had this resource then, I would never have spent all the money I did and all the time I wasted. I would have simply taken several of the choices

Which was why when I saw this resource, I not only wished I had seen it long before I embarked on my own journey abroad, I knew that many people, possibly including you yourself reading this right now, who want to go abroad but cannot do because of a lack of the required funds will jump on it!

You see why I was very excited about this opportunity?

Here’s what this resource is offering you...

A Unique full Undergraduates, Master’s and Ph.D studies FREE Scholarship No-Tuition Study In Selected Institutions Abroad Worth Between $8,000 to $20,000 Every Year. Yes, absolutely FREE!

In many cases, they will even pay you some money as upkeep pocket money, and if you have children, they will also give you extra for your children’s upkeep too!

Are you amazed?

Don’t be.

Unknown to most Nigerians, there are many universities abroad who give African students, especially Nigerian scholars opportunities to come to their country to further their education for free.

Why do they do this?

Maybe they are sorry for the long years they colonised Nigeria?

Maybe they want to help Africans learn better so they can develop their countries?

Maybe they have surplus so they want to extend goodwill to people and especially students who don’t have enough?

No one is sure. And really, I don’t care.

And you shouldn’t too.

All you should do is to simply take it while it’s still available!

It’s like a small child you put some sugar in their mouth? Do you think they will spit it out?

Never! It’s the same thing for you here.

You should take advantage of this FAST.



There Was One Problem
I Encountered

It’s not really a big issue, but I think I should mention it.

You see, when I found this information, the whole thing was a mess. I mean the resource where I found these scholarship opportunities.

Let me explain.

It was a mess because the information there was all scattered.

As excited as I was to find it, I knew it would take hours upon hours, maybe even days to organise it, so that it could be used.

I really didn’t want to put myself through all that stress but at the same time, I wanted to see exactly what was there.

So I spent the next several days copying, pasting, editing and rearranging the information. I first of all grouped it, country by country, then scholarship by scholarship, because like I told you earlier there are about 1000 different ones.

It took me at least 3 whole weeks to have everything arranged in a neat format so that anyone can take it and be able to submit an application to any of the institutions within minutes.

And now I present it to you.


Undergraduate/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method: How To Get A Unique FREE Scholarship No-Tuition Study In Selected Institutions Abroad Worth Between $8,000 to $20,000 Every Year Absolutely FREE




Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

You’ll know exactly in which countries these scholarships are offered

You’ll find out exactly which institutions in these countries (universities, charity organizations, and fellowships) offer these scholarships.

You’ll learn exactly what qualifications you need to apply for each particular scholarship

And finally, you’ll see STEP-BY-STEP how to apply for each one successfully.

And lots more.

Yes, I spent the several weeks organizing the information there so that all you need to do is get a copy of the First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method report, and you’ll be close to your dreamt of studying abroad than you ever dreamed of.

And for free too!

How Do You Get a Copy of the First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report?

It’s easy you buy it.

For a sum of just =N=2,500 only.



Why am I charging for it and why =N=2,500?


I spent time and money gathering this information together and organising it in such a manner that you will be able to use it.

It took almost 3 weeks of my life and the only way you can get the information about this First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method report is for you to go online start searching and then spend the next 3 weeks, trying to organise it so it can be used.

Do you want to do that?

Even if you wanted to do it, would you rather waste the next 3 -4 weeks trying to find this information by yourself by which time other people would have submitted their own applications ahead of you?

Or would you rather get the Undergraduate/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method report from me today with everything, all the research, organization and presentation already done for you, for the sum of =N=2,500 and start applying way BEFORE others?


I think the choice is obvious. You should avoid wasting time and energy and get the report!

This is why I have set the price at =N=2,500. It’s easy for you to get. I deliberately didn’t ask you to pay =N=20,000 for it. Or =N=15,000 or =N=10,000 or even =N= 7,500 or =N=5,000 like many people would have done.

No, I didn’t.

I really want anyone  who wants to study abroad  using the information inside this report to be able to do so, without money being an obstacle to them.

That is exactly why I’m giving it to you for=N=2,500. You probably already spend more than that on  phone credit alone.

Now in case you’re thinking, what if this doesn’t work? What if I get your report and it’s all jargon, what happens to my money then?

In that case, let me make you a guarantee that will erase all your fears and put your mind at rest.

Here it is my…

100% Money-Back No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!

Get a copy of the First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report. Go through it for the next 365 days, which is 1 FULL YEAR.

Start choosing countries inside it, the scholarship opportunities you like and start applying.

If at any point begining when you get the report, you think it’s all bullshit and not worth one kobo, don’t worry.

Just send me an email to or call me on 07038160294 and I will refund you every penny of your money back.

No one will ever say they lost money with me.

I have confidence in the value you’ll get from the First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report, which is why I am willing to give you this assurance.

But mind you…

You Have To Hurry!

 Because I will raise the price of this report very soon.

The information inside First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report is GOLD, SOLID GOLD, and selling it for only =N=2,500 is in my opinion way too small. I should really be selling it for around =N=15,000 and if I do, it will still be worth every single penny.

I am only giving it away at only =N=2,500 now because I want everybody to get access to it.

However, that will soon end. In the very near future, as more people get to know about it, I will be raising the price to as high as =N=15,000.

So this is your chance to not only get it early and be among the first of people to apply for it, but also it’s your only chance to get it at an almost =N=13,000 discount.

Don’t miss out on this rare chance to change your life for the better. It’s time to get and use information that will help you escape Nigeria and it’s harsh realities so you can build a better life for yourself.

Don’t curse yourself later in the future for not acting today

That’s how it works.

So you need to get going right now.


Here’s How To Get Your Copy Of First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report

Make a deposit into:

BANK NAME: ZENITH BANK                           


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1012025283


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0037504947

 Then send your name, email address and phone number to 07038160294. You can also call me on the same number if you have any questions you want to ask before you make payment.

Once you pay and I confirm your deposit, I’ll immediately forward a copy of the First Degree/Masters’ and Ph.D Scholarship Method Report to your email address and you will be reading it in less than 5 minutes.

That’s it.

I look forward to hearing your success story.

Sincerely yours.


P.S. This opportunity is a new one. Not many people know about it, so your chances of success is VERY high! Do go ahead and get the manual so you can apply early. Get it now.